Natural light as an Emotive Tool?

Exploring how natural light can be used as an emotive tool to create qualitative and memorable experiences within the built environment.

The Vault School

Architectural Design Principles for a School Design that uses ordinary materials to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Do I need an Architect?

This blog outlines WHAT architects do, HOW they do it, and how their architectural services will ultimately save you time and money!

Building Plans

Understanding WHEN and WHY we need to obtain Approved Building Plans in the Republic of South Africa, as well as how the process works.

Modernising your home

That saying “the devil is in the detail” does not ring more true when it comes to home renovations. It takes Time, Money and a clear Vision!

Inclusivity, a basis for design

Form follows function... As the most overused design cliché of all time, is this design principle even relevant to 21st century design?

The Home Inspection Checklist

If you are considering purchasing a new home then take a few minutes to read this article for an in depth home inspection checklist!