Architectural Plan


6 Architectural Work Stages

1 - Inception: Here the Project Brief and scope of work is defined in conjunction with a realistic project programme that outlines various construction milestones.

2 - Design Concept and Viability: Here various design proposals would be prepared for client approval in order to determine the viability of the project.

3 - Design Development: Here the design would start to be finalised in order to start detailed drawings and costings of the proposed project.

4.1 - Council Documentation: Here your registered Architect would obtain approved building plans of your project from the relevant local authourity.

4.2 - Construction Documentation:

Here your architect would prepare technical drawings and specifications for the contractor.

5 - Construction and Site Inspection: 

At this milestone your construction building works and progress would be monitored to ensure compliance to the local authority requirements as well as to maintian quality.

6 - Close Out: 

At this stage the construction work would be complete and the architect would obtain all your operating manuals as well as compile an as-built drawing. Futhermore, all COC's (certificates of complaince)  and the OC (Occupation Certificate) would be ontained for the client.